new england regional Cyber range

Cyber Security Foundations Course

The course is designed for the student/professional who needs a sound
understanding of cyber security on which to build a successful career.
Transitioning veterans, executive leadership, and new students alike
will gain a solid understanding of the fundamentals of cyber security.

Penetration Testers Basic Course

You just earned your C|EH® or GPEN®/GWAPT®. Now what? This course
is designed to give you the hands on experience needed to compete in
the open market. You’ll take the role of the hired penetration company
and assess a live network following a proven penetration testing
methodology. You’ll assess the network, web applications, systems, and

Network Warfare – Attacking the Network Course

The course is designed for the military and civilians who have transitioned
to full attribution and retribution actions. You’ll learn about the law, how
to properly assess and create individual network targeting plans, select
the proper tool systems, and conduct live fire drills.

Other Range Opportunities Planned for 2018

  • Network Forensics.
  • Digital Forensics and Incident Response.
  • IOT Research Analysis – Malware on the Grid.